Don’t judge others based on their tattoo

So I had this thought. People who hate tattoos tend to say to tattooed people “oh how ugly that is, and you will have it forever, natural skin is so much more beautiful!” I think that is the most horrible thing ever. As long you think the tattoo is nice and you love it, nothing else matters. But its when someone who is scarred. As in, survived cancer or was burnt in a fire or hurt from a mugger. They then tattooed OVER that horrible scar that brought back horrible memories, and people still say “ew thats so ugly!” you know its funny because if they would have seen the scar before the tattoo then they would have judged and gone ” omg look at that ugly scar” anyway. I’m not a big tattoo person, but I don’t hate them, I would get one or two little tattoos and that’s it, but I believe that a tattoo is a beautiful thing especially for those who are scarred. 

My thought for the day



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